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We are suppliers of vehicle fluid, oil and lubricant for the full spectrum of mechanical requirements from across the country. Our commitment to providing an affordable product that is the highest quality is proven from customer to customer.



Southern Natal Lubricants believes our customers are our top priority and are extremely important to us. Our service delivery process is central to the success of our business. All of our employees work together for the mutual benefit of the company and its customers. We provide a consistent and efficient service delivery, ensuring our customers are completely satisfied in all areas of their domain.

Technical Data Sheets

Passenger Vehicles

Castrol offers a range of advanced engine oils for your passenger vehicle, each specialized to the vehicle application. Including full synthetic, semi-synthetic, high mileage, conventional and diesel.

Commercial Vehicle Oils

Your business depends on your vehicles, so you need them to work reliably and efficiently. This is why Castrol’s scientists developed heavy-duty diesel engine oils, to protect your engine, help you lower running costs and increase reliability.

Agricultural Vehicle Oils

At Castrol, there is focused on the role of oil in engine manufacturing for agricultural and construction machinery, providing maximum performance and high production output.

Earthmoving & Construction Vehicle Oils

At Castrol,  a concerted effort to meet the highest standards of oil to address the needs in the construction sector are made. Demanding working conditions and large machinery play a pivotal role in the design and utility of such oils.


With a long history of working with the mining industry, Castrol has a wide range of specialty products designed to add value to your business and help you meet the lubricant challenges you face.

Cleaning Products

Industrial cleaners play a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency, safety, and overall functionality of industrial facilities across various sectors. These specialized cleaning solutions are meticulously engineered to tackle the toughest challenges posed by heavy machinery, complex equipment, and industrial environments.

Products of the Month


Castrol gtx

Ready for the road ahead

  • Castrol GTX helps extend engine life by tackling the main causes of sludge.
  • Its advanced 3X-Protect formula surrounds and suspends dirt particles to keep engines cleaner for longer*.
  • Giving you and your vehicle more miles together.

castrol magnatec

Non stop protection from every start

  • Clings like a magnet to the vulnerable metal surfaces and moving parts in your engine.
  • Locks to form a force field around critical engine parts.
  • Protects engines by providing 50% better protection from warm-up wear and re-start wear

castrol edge

unlock the very edge of performance

  • Delivers more horsepower and greater acceleration to get you more metres ahead
  • Demonstrates improved performance as a result of better fuel economy

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